How to choose a river table that suits to your space

How to choose a river table that suits to your space

Mooka is able to make all kinds of popular surface finishing for river tables,this is  all about what’s you need .

Matt on wood while glossy on river

Advanced wooden matte resin surface highlighting craftsmanship allows you to experience two different textures: the warm and natural feeling of wood grain and pores, and the modern, cold sensation of resin. The collision of these two textures provides a delightful and pleasing experience.

This technique demands exceptional stability from the wood, as it must be highly stable to prevent any internal forces that might cause tension between the wood and resin, leading to product deformation.Each piece wood slab need to be kiln dried 90 days min, then air dried for month which costs lots of time and expense.

Full glossy

This looking achieving a fully glossy surface conveys a strong sense of modernity and a luxurious feeling.It's varnishing coated on surface,resistant to stains and more durable.

Full matt

The entirely matte visual effect imparts a subtle sense of luxury, with a delicate and gentle texture. It's suitable for a wide range of spaces and can create a warm atmosphere,it's high hardness and scratch resistant varnished

All our river tables are very easy to clean , use a daily use cotton fabric with water, wrap the dusts and stain gently , can make the table as new as fresh , do not use any cleaner alcoholic nor acidic to wrap the surface, water is enough to keep it new

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