ABOUT Our Team

Over 12 years of experience
Professional slab manufactureing internetional company
For every tree that is taken down, we replace it with a new sapling that will grow long after we are gone
Over 5000 tables created and sold around the world!

Will the Live Edge be Smooth?

The natural edges on each piece (live edge) are fine sanded up to 220 grit. There will be no sharp or pointy areas on the live edge to worry about.
Every live edge is different; some are uniform in shape, some are wavy, some are extreme. If you have a particular shape in mind, please let us know and I'll select a slab accordingly.
Note; although live edges are made to look and feel soft, any natural occurring blemishes in the live edge will be incorporated into the piece.
As previously stated, our pieces are a blend of perfect finish work and natures subtle imperfections.
If you are looking for a piece that is 100% flawless, please let us know and i'll select slabs accordingly!

Will my outdoor table crack, or warp? 

All of epoxy wood tables are not suit for long time out door use, Direct sun and extreme temperatures are woods worst enemy.
Please protect your piece from the sun and extreme weather conditions as much as possible.
These products are made of real trees, and will react to external forces. It is natural for wood to bend, crack and split when exposed to extreme weather.
Take care of your table with routine maintenance and it will take care of you!

Will my piece be flawless? 

We intentionally select imperfect cuts of wood with the most figure available. Although much time and hard effort is put into making tops look and feel flawless, these pieces are made of real trees that lived and died natural lives.
Each piece is meant to include and sometimes highlight natures "flaws." The beauty in our work is the contrast between a nearly perfect finish work, and natures subtle imperfections.
For example; cracks are filled with clear resin, which produces a uniform flat surface while allowing the viewer to see the natural void.
Inlays to hide cracks and checks are available, but not our norm. Please contact me if this is something you are interested in. Inlays tend to be ornamental.

What if my table cracks?

Your slab is made of 100% natural tree wood. By nature, this product will expand and contract due to environmental factors and may develop small cracks. Due to the nature of this product, no piece is deemed "perfect" or defect free. The beauty lies in the imperfection.
Tree timber stays alive long after it is cut down and its movement can lead to blemishes. The best way to prevent blemishes is to keep the slab(s) away from direct light and heat sources (fire place, heating duct, AC vent, etc).

Wholesale availability 

Yes, our company is capable of producing wholesale orders