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How to protect my river table ?

A solid wood epoxy river table is more durable than an ordinary furniture, even so wear and tear caused in daily use is inevitable, following these tips will have your table still looks new many years later

Never place the table in intense sunlight

Long-term direct sunlight will lead to wood oxidation and discoloration, and even due to the temperature difference is too large cracking or deformation phenomenon.

Stay away from a heater 

No not close to a heater(i.e. radiator,fireplace,furnace,barbecue stove)  to avoid high temperature cracking or deformation phenomenon,use a coaster when put a hot dishes on it.

Clean up the table in time

The water, dust and dirt on the table should be cleaned and dry wiped in time to keep the table clean and tidy for a longer usage. 

Wax maintenance

Tiny scratches

Serious scratches are caused by blunt instruments

This situation need to fixed by professional furniture maker, not suggested for personal consumer.

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