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What is Parota wood ?

What is Parota wood ?

Parota is a good and inexpensive quality wood. All  parota slabs MOOKA FURNITURE using are from south America country of Ecuador, it is called as parota walnut ,it is different from Suar wood from Asia. Please read below

1.Parota walnut’s botanical name is Juglans neotropica, this species of tree is under the family of Juglandaceae while the botanical name for Suar wood is Albizia saman, this species of tree is under the family of Fabaceae.

2.Parota walnut is in higher density and hardness,it also tends to have a darker color.Suar wood is so unstable that it is necessary to stabilise it with metal rods, and most of suar wood is not dry enough, they are easiy to get cracks and wraped.
South American Walnut is on average darker, denser and harder.
3.Problems with Suar Wood

Do a quick check with any furniture restoration company, and they will tell you the problems associated with Suar wood slabs; splitting, warping, mold and termites. All these problems are attributable to a lack of drying expertise in Indonesia.Most Indonesian Factories Just Air Dry Suar Wood for a Short Period 


All MOOKA Parota slabs were kiln dried.

All of Mooka slabs were put in a heated Kiln to expedite the drying which normally takes 45 to 60 days, and takes years of R&D to figure out the best combination of temperatures and times to dry the wood effectively, all o f our river tables are made of wood in water contect low than 12% which is stable enought during a long usage.

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