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Something you need to know about live edge on river table made of parota walnut / rain tree / monkey pod

Can I have a table made of parota walnut and epoxy, it should with live edges while has a natural live edge river in the middle, and same uniform wood grain like my picture here, total wide need to be 120cm please.


First of all, let me explain to you some basic knowledge about the raw wood slabs:

You can see from below photos that slabs were flat sawed from a log like this, so the width of each slab is different, and the further from the center, the narrower wide it is. The color and wood grain of very piece of slab is different as well even they were from one log, the yellow ring around the log is the xylem part of the log , and it is the yellow live edge on each slab.


The wood grain and color

The closer to the heart of the log, the more uniform wood grain it usually has.

The closer to the bark, the more xylem part it gona have which is with more part of light colors.


The widths

The widest part of a parota log usually in 120cm-150cm .


Back to the design of the river table you asked:

The uniform wood grain shows it was one-piece large slab (close to the log heart) , then divided from the middle, then turned the live edges inside, this way it will have straight edges on both outer sides, just like below original image.

Well,  you need the outer edges are in live edges too, and the total width of the final table is in 120cm, which means we need to find 2 slabs with both sides live edge, each pc in width no more than 60cm.

So we have to limits each slab in width no more than 60cm , which means we can not choose those middle ones.  Only the slabs with  “√” are the one we can use, and here we found some options like below.


Look at these we found are very beautiful , aren’t they?

If you like it, please contact us, we can’t wait to complete this river tables for you.

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