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What is Canada Cottonwood ?

What is Canada Cottonwood ?

Black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa)

Other names: Western balsam poplar

French name: Peuplier de l’Ouest

The cottonwood poplar is native to southern Alberta. This very large and vigorous tree boasts wide soil adaptations and has golden yellow leaves in the fall. This variety is our biggest poplar we carry.These hardy, straight-trunked trees have large, sticky, fragrant buds. On the coast, black cottonwoods can reach 50 metres tall, but balsam poplars usually reach only 25 metres.

Cottonwood has been used for many things through the years including; shelving, framing, paneling, sub floors, crates, pallets, lowboy decks, saddles, and caskets. And the higher quality cottonwood has been used in turning furniture .

You can surf our web at any time and find fine art tables that have been created from cottonwood burl, and burl slabs.

Cottonwood is frequently stained to mimic other woods including Cherry and Walnut.

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